Chrystelle's 1st Rainbow Colouring

Chrystelle only ever had 1 litter of pups - 7 boys 1 girl, 3 black boys and 5 white pups.

Chrystelle still sees most of her pups.

Chrystelle loves playing fetch and loves squeaky latex toys


Chrystelle & Santa 2012

Her name Chrystelle means Ice Star, a mixture of Crystal & Stella.


Chrystelle's Family


Chrystelle's Birthday is the 7th December 2001.

Here she is ala natural

Chrystelle with Jenny who taught Charmaine how to groom.

 Chrystelle Poodle with Rainbow Colours

Gosford Grooming hosts arguably the Central Coast's most popular Poodle -Chrystelle, with her famous rainbow coloured ears she puts puts smiles on peoples faces everywhere she goes. Chrystelle has her own facebook page - Chrystelle Poodle why don't you become her friend and follow her travels.

Why do we colour her coat?
Chrystelle has had her coat coloured for a couple of creative grooming competitions.
She has had rainbow coloured ears for over 4 years now. She puts smiles on peoples faces everyday. Originally we put rainbow colours on her for a bit of fun, the original idea was from Pet Stylist Anna after tryng other colour arrangements first, Anna suggested putting them in the order of a rainbow. A Rainbow means a blessing to some people and Chrystelle is certainly a blessing to us. Poodles are used to being pampered and no harm is done.

What do we use to colour her coat?
We use hair dyes that are specifically made for dogs, they don't smell harsh like some human ones can. They don't damage the skin or the coat. We have been safely using pet hair dyes for over 12 years. Pet Esthe, Dyex are the main brands of Dye. Food Colouring and coloured hairsprays can also be used.



Chrystelle participates in fashion Parades.

Chrystelle raising awareness for the RSPCA at the annual Million Paws Walk

2005 PIAA Creative Grooming Competition Theme - Ribbons for a Cause

PIAA 2011 Creative Grooming Competiton 1st place in Open Theme - A Day in the Park

Chrsytelle with her son Templer at one of her favourte Central Coast NSW Off Leash Beaches
Chrystelle at a Pet Fair
With Sisters Bonnie & Colleda before Templer was born.



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