How to become a Dog Groomer

I highly recommend completing Nationally Accredited courses at www.doggroomingaustralia.com.au  Deborah Ryan is the Director of Dog Grooming Australia. She has been an English Qualified Professional Stylist since 1990. She has a City and Guilds Licentiateship Diploma in dog grooming from the London Institute (one of the highest English qualifications for dog grooming.  Deborah has been teaching grooming for 12years and has a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. Along with her skills, knowledge and passion for the grooming industry she developed the Nationally Recognised Grooming and Styling courses from the Beginner up to Advanced Grooming. 

I also recommend Christine Speerin's www.thegroomingschool.com.au   & Jodie Graham's www.groomersfriend.com.au dog grooming courses. Christine & Jodie are Certified Master Groomers, running dedicated grooming schools. Debbie, Christine & Jodie compete annually in National Grooming Competitions, keeping up to date with latest techniques and participating amongst their peers. There are courses to suit beginners or ones design to suit individual needs.

There are other TAFE courses available, contact TAfFE or PIAA Pet Industry Asssociation of Australia at www.piaa.net.au

A friend told me if you want to be good at something eg: tennis. You need to read about tennis, play tennis, watch videos about tennis, watch the pros play tennis, live and breathe tennis. The same can be applied to grooming.

 When I started I did a short course at a grooming salon, which in retrospect wasn't very good but it got me into a volunteer position with a very experienced groomer.

I have done as many dog related courses that I could do; I volunteered my labour in return for knowledge and tools. Those days are gone with Occupational Health and Safety and Insurance reasons.

 I would however recommend volunteering your time at an RSPCA shelter, Vet, Dog training club - there is training involved in grooming, or anything pet related.

I would go to dog shows and see if you could find a breeder who was prepared to train you to groom their particular breed, be prepared to compensate them for their time and knowledge. Remembering this is where grooming started - from breeders.

I would post a letter and resume to all the groomers in your area, with a follow up phone call to try and get a job in a salon be it paid or not. Maybe even organise your own insurance.

Challenge Dog Supplies in Brookvale, NSW have grooming videos to purchase as do Groomers Friend at www.groomersfriend.com.au 

I would read as many dog books and dog grooming books or magazines that you can get a hold of.

If you do any course that is not certified or accredited be very careful to make sure you get what you pay for, some courses are very over priced for the quality of training offered, make sure you know what to expect. Check whether the trainer has a Certificate IV in Training & Work Place Assessment. Some places offer training but use people as cheap labour instead. Check also that they are a  PIAA member.

Own a dog that needs grooming and show photos or be able to explain what condition your dog is kept in and how it is groomed and treated.

I do not teach grooming myself for many reasons.

I hope this helps you get started,

Charmaine Bright


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