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This Jack Russell is nice and relaxed for grooming.

Charmaine and her poodle Templer




99 reasons why your dog will love us!

  1. We have over 15 years experience of handling dogs, your dog can tell that we know what we are doing.

  2. We love dogs, I  mean we really truly love dogs, we live and breathe them everyday. We haven't chosen grooming because its better than working with people or because of a financial decision.

  3. We will be honest and upfront with you about your dog, always.

  4. We are members of the Pet Industry Association of Australia, Pets Australia, RSPCA

  5. We are an International Certified Master Groomer or trained by such

  6. We are always discovering better ways to groom your dogs.

  7. Your dog's needs will always come first.

  8. We will give you a choice as to how your dog or cat is groomed, if your pets coat is in good condition you can have it as long or as short as you like.

  9. We will not make your dog bald by clipping with a 10 blade all over the body because that's the free blade that comes with the clipper, or because it means there is less hair to dry. #10 blades on dogs coats does a lot of damage to coat regrowth in the long run.

  10. We enter grooming competitions to keep up to date with modern techniques, grooming and being judged amongst our peers.

  11. We have lots of clients that were told their dog needed to be sedated to be groomed and we could groom them with no problem & No sedation.

  12. We understand anxious dogs - they need an experienced groomer that can start them straight away and send them home as they are finished.

  13. We understand elderly dogs, we have lived with them ourselves, we know what they need

  14. Because we have a open salon that you are welcome to see where & how your dog will be groomed

  15. We know the best shampoos and conditioners for your dogs coat type

  16. We know the best shampoos and conditioners for dogs with allergies

  17. We will not put the cheapest unregistered shampoo from a chemical supplier on your dog

  18. We will use safe dog or cat specific shampoos and products

  19. Because your dog doesn't have to stay all day long

  20. We have flexible pick up and drop off times 6 days a week.

  21. We have 3 locations - Narara, West Gosford  & Erina Salons

  22. Our team has completed the Pets Australia Pets First Aid course.

  23. We will use warm water to clean your dog  - not cold

  24. Our plumbing is all hooked up so we wont let your dog shiver while you either bucket water into the bath or just use cold water instead

  25. We will not reuse another dogs bath water on your dog

  26. We will not dry your dog out in the sun risking heat stroke or sun burn which could be fatal.

  27. We wont put your dog in a cage and point a dryer at your dog

  28. We wont put your dog in a cage with several other dogs while pointing a dryer at the cage

  29. We wont put your dog in a pen with other dogs

  30. We wont put your dog in a pen with other dogs unsupervised either.

  31. We will keep same family dogs together.

  32. We wont muzzle your dog without you knowing

  33. We wont muzzle your dog for the full length of the groom

  34. We wont muzzle your dog unnecessarily

  35. We wont restrain your dog unnecessarily

  36. We wont over handle your dog, instead we will work with and around your dog.

  37. We understand that some dogs can't physically stand up for long periods of time and will work around that and perhaps have a 2nd groomer to help complete the groom.

  38. If your dogs needs a cuddle to have their nails trimmed they will get a cuddle.

  39. We usually have 2 groomers on at a time so if your dog needs some help, reassurance or a cuddle for part of the groom someone is there.

  40. We have excellent handling skills that we only need to use a muzzle on 1-2 dogs per month and even then it's usually only for nail trimming.

  41. We wont alpha roll your dog to dominate it.

  42. We wont swear at your dog

  43. We wont call your dog nasty names

  44. We will not hit or smack your dog

  45. We will not tether your dogs legs to the grooming table so it can't move

  46. We use a safe quick release grooming loop on your dog to help prevent your dog from jumping off the table and perhaps injuring itself

  47. We will not routinely use "The Groomers Helper" on every dog for the full length of the groom. We only use this specialised grooming loop to help rehabilitate some dogs or to stop some dogs from swinging around to bite whilst trimming their feet or nails.

  48. We employ & pay our staff legitimately  - happy staff = happy grooming days

  49. We wont smoke cigarettes whilst grooming your dog, our salon is smoke free

  50. We wont drink alcohol whilst your dog is in our care

  51. We cover your dogs eyes with our hands when brushing around their head to prevent your pets eyeball being scratched by a slicker brush

  52. We wont de-matt your dog, not even once, because they don't like it and they then wont like us. De Matting creates "knot shy " dogs - dogs that will react to even a snag being pulled because they think they are going to be de--matted all over again.

  53. We use very expensive but very soft brushes that don't scratch your dogs skin

  54. We have lots of testimonials

  55. We will never leave your pet unattended on a grooming table where they could hang themselves if they jumped off. -( Yes this has happened in NSW in 2013) God Bless you Buddy the Golden Retriever.

  56. We have many "likes " & reviews on our facebook page

  57. Because I'm prepared to take the flack from other people in regards to mentioning some of the above negatives that happen in our industry

  58. Because we will always speak up for your dog

  59. We support local animal charities with free grooming and or donations

  60. We have clients that travel over an hour to bring their dogs to us

  61. Your dog will have a mat or bedding to sit on, no standing on grated flooring of cages like cattle

  62. We have an outdoor exercise area for your pet to stretch their legs and relieve themselves so they aren't stressing and "hanging on" or stressing about toileting in the wrong spot.

  63. We use "Happy Hoodies'" to cover your dogs ears so that the hair dryer isn't as noisy for them

  64. We always have treats to give out to the dogs

  65. Some dogs get to come to morning tea or lunch with us

  66. We don't put egg timers on our staff to pressure them to groom dogs within the shortest time.

  67. Our experienced stylists usually groom dog untethered and unrestrained because they are in sync with one another.

  68. We have lots of equipment  - quite clippers for puppies or nervous dogs

  69. We can trim all your dogs nails in under 1 minute.

  70. Charmaine and her poodle Chrystelle has featured on "The Living Room " TV show with Dr Chris Brown in November 2013

  71. Charmaine's staff have appeared on Better Homes & Gardens TV Show with their creative styled dogs

  72. We can take a photo of your dogs 1st Groom, even keep a lock of hair for you

  73. Charmaine has won BEST IN SHOW at a PIAA grooming competition as well as 1st place in open poodles & spaniels in Groomquest 2012 & the Sydney Royal Easter show.

  74. We are patient with puppies, we understand they need positive grooming experiences in their critical learning period

  75. There are a few dogs that don't want to go home when their owners come to pick them up.

  76. Some dogs have jumped out of the car ahead of time to get to us

  77. We use a combination of forced air and stand dryers, some groomers only use stand dryers which can take a lot longer to dry your dog, usually require heat to dry and wont get as much dead hair out of double coated breeds. There is a risk of heat stress which can be fatal by using this drying method.

  78. We wont put your dog in a "drying room" that has the temperature set at a high level.

  79. We have been nominated twice for the Master Dog Breeders Association  Canine Groomer of the year.

  80. We wont let your dog mate with other dogs whilst in our care. Female dogs that are in season will be kept separate from all other dogs. ( For your information Charmaine's dogs are desexed).

  81. We have been a Central Coast Business Awards finalist for several years.

  82. We will not wash your dog in dish washing detergent or soap

  83. We will not wash your dog 5 or 6 times with 5 or 6 different shampoos, 2 shampoos and a conditioner is enough for even the dirtiest of dogs.

  84. Your dog will spend a decent amount of time in the bath to let the shampoos and conditioners do their job, to have the products massaging in by hand, some groomers brag about how quick they can dip their dogs.

  85. We pre-clip poodle points to lower the risk of clipper irritation and because the poodles faces, feet & tail will air dry while we fluff dry the rest of them. no noisy dryers around their sensitive areas.

  86. If you visit regularly your dog will get to know the grooming routine and your groomer will get to know your dog really well and perhaps will notice new lumps n bumps, health or temperament differences between grooms.

  87. We wont put your dog in a four legged body harness/sling so that all four feet are off the grooming table just to clip/scissor your dogs feet.

  88. We wont do extreme nail clipping where groomers deliberately cut the nail excessively short knowing that they will probably cut the quick/blood vessel, let it bleed out in the bath and then apply styptic product later.

  89. We offer a nail filing service that safely shortens the nail and leaves a nice smooth edge

  90. We wont do extreme ear plucking where every hair in a dogs ear is plucked out regardless of whether the dog likes it or not.

  91. We will respect your decision to not have your dogs ears plucked either by choice or by veterinarian advice.

  92. We will not man handle a dog to pluck his or her ears , most dogs don't mind as we only pull what is ready to come out.

  93. We will not routinely put ear cleaning solution or other preparation in every dogs ears. If it's not broken don't fix it. Most dogs just need a gentle wipe of the outer ear.

  94. Finalist in Dog's Life Magazine Pet People Awards - Best Grooming Service

  95. We always call each pet by their name. We even give them our own nick names as Charlie Brown Nose, Charlie Chuckles and Princess Punk Rock Paris will tell you.

  96. We groom all breeds of dogs & cats. Our Narara salon is best for giant breeds.

  97. We have the best techniques, products & equipment to groom double coated breeds like Japanese Spitz & Pomeranians. We get all their dead hair out painlessly without taking good live hair out with it.

  98. We will never put citronella anti-barking collars on your dog. If your dog is excitable or anxious and barks  a lot, we would rather send your dog home as soon as the groom is complete.

  99. We will never put electric shock collars on your dog. Yes there is a groomer that puts these collars on clients dog  because they don't have secure fencing on the property where they groom.

  100. Facebook Promo- data coming

  101. Facebook promo- reason is on it's way

  102. We have many clients that make appointments for the year ahead so their pets don't miss out on being groomed by us.

  103. Local Veterinarians choose us to groom their pets and refer pets owners to us

  104. Gosford Grooming's ex-employees choose us to groom their pets while they are away on holidays

  105. Local and visiting Pet Stylists also choose us to groom their pets while they are away or while they are unable to do so themselves


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