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Our Salon - What makes us so special!
Designed with your Pet's Comfort and Safety in Mind

Specialised Grooming Equipment
Brushes and combs range from wide tooth to universal slicker brushes for fine whispy hair that tends to tangle easily. Humane de-matting tools, rakes and advanced conditioning products help groom your pet with as minimal discomfort to your pet as possible.

Grooming Equipment
Our clippers, blades and tools are regularly sharpened and serviced. To prevent the spread of disease and parasites from pet to pet all our equipment is cleaned & disinfected after each client.

Non-slip Table Surfaces
Allows pets to stand confidently while being groomed and to prevent pets from injuring themselves.
Pets are never left unattended on the grooming table

Dogs are to be dropped off between 8am to 9:30am and pick up times are between 2pm to 6pm. For an extra $10, we will ensure your dog is ready within 2 hours with our Express Grooming Appointment Service (limited spaces available).

Appointments are essential especially during busy holiday periods. Please try to toilet your dog before their grooming appointment so they are comfortable. Please bring your dogs to the salon on a secure collar and lead and bring cats in cages.

Dogs always have water and are held in safe purpose-built dog cubbies.

Pet Products
A range of collars, leads, combs, brushes, toys, pet shampoo & conditioners, flea treatments and worming products available.

Large Professional Dryers
For even and quick drying of the coat which produces a coat which is full and plush on all breeds.  Air Flow and Quiet Force Dryers - No Cage Drying

Air Conditioning Facilities
For your Pets comfort in balmy summer months while awaiting your arrival.

Hydraulic Grooming Tables
Allows for each pet to be individually groomed and at correct height for stylist and breed.

We have bowls of good quality treats in our salon and on our grooming tables that dogs can help themselves to, which helps make the grooming experience a pleasant one.

Shampoo and Conditioners
Gosford Grooming uses the safest shampoos and products available to cater for dogs with sensitive or itchy skin. They are highly recommended for use at home in between grooms also.

Dermcare Medicated shampoos prescribed by your vet may be brought in for us to apply to your pet.


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