Cat Grooming Price List

Narara Salon Only


Shampoo, fluff dry by hand, ear and nail care with…

Lion or Full Clip

$100 – $130

Lion or Full Clip on a matted 
coat (up to 2 hours)

$130 – $150

Belly, Sanitary and Pants Clip

$85 – $100

Belly and Sanitary Clip

$85 – $95

Sanitary Clip

$85 – $95

Medium to Long Coat

$80 – $90

Short Coat


Kitten Grooming School Shampoo & Fluff Dry by hand (up to 6 months)


Nagayu Spa Treatment add


NON Bathing Services  –

Full / Lion Clip Only, Toe Tuff Trim, Ear, Eye & Nail Care

$80 – $90


Full or Lion Clip, Toe Tuff Trim, Ear, Eye & Nail Care on a matted coat


$90 – $100

Brush, Comb, De-Shed, Ear, Eye and Nail Care  (up to 30 mins)


Belly, Sanitary & Pants Clip, Ear, Eye and Nail Care


Sanitary Clip, Ear, Eye and Nail Care


Ear, Eye and Nail Care


Nail Trimming


Toe Tuff Trim


Arrives with Fleas


De-Shed Treatment


Persian Face Trim



Sedation free Cat Grooming appointments are made at the beginning or at the end of the day when there are less or no dogs in the salon. In the spring and summer seasons we have some cat only grooming days. Cats are groomed humanely with 2 qualified cat stylists and are NOT sedated. Please bring your cats in a secure cat carrier. A $50 appointment deposit is required to be paid upon booking or 48 hours before the appointment for services valued over $50.  The appointment deposit is only refundable when 24 hours notice is given to cancel or change the day or the time of the cat grooming appointment. Deposits can be made by cash in person, direct deposit or by credit card over the phone. We recommend to keep your cat used to being professionally groomed that they visit the salon at least 4 times a year or join our monthly/fortnightly programs. New cat clients appointments are not available in the month of December due to high dog grooming demands at xmas time in a short month. Our non-bathing services are for cats that may get too stressed to have a bath and therefore the results of their groom will not be the same as those that have a full groom service. Please keep our staff safety in mind and disclose if your cat has ever bitten anyone or had to be sedated previously to be groomed or to treated by a Veterinarian. If your cat lets you pick him or her up, allows some home grooming then we welcome you & your cat to our salon.

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