Extra Large Dog

Malamute, Groodle, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog, St Bernard,
Tibetan & Neapolitan Mastiff, Mastiff, BullMastiff, Old English Sheepdog

Haircut From $165-$190 Extended Time $95 per hour 

Up to 2 hours Clipping & Scissoring to Mixed or Breed specific style.
Includes Double Shampoo, Fluff Dry by hand, Clipping & Scissoring, Nail & Ear Care


Groom Out From $165-$190

Up to 2 hours De-Shedding Double coated breeds including feet trim.
Includes Double Shampoo, Fluff Dry by hand, De-Shed Treatment, Ear Care, Feet & Nail Trim

Silhouette Trim from $165

Hand Scissored Furnishings including ear & tail, pad & feet trimming
Includes Double Shampoo, Conditioner, Fluff Dry by hand, Ear & Nail Care.


Mini Groom From $120

Up to 1 hour Tidy up Hygiene Trim.
Includes Double Shampoo, Fluff Dry by hand, Ear Care, Face, Feet, Tail & Nail Trim


Shampoo From $70

Double Shampoo, Conditioner, Fluff Dry by hand.
Includes Double Shampoo, Fluff Dry by hand, Ear Nail Care up to 1 hour.

Includes Double Shampoo, Conditioner, Towel Dry, Ear & Nail Care.

Pre-Booking Schedules 1-8 Weekly
Due to high demand we require 1-8 weekly pre-booked appointments to be made 6 -12 months in advance for our  existing clients. New Clients are welcome to join our waiting list for when an Extra Large Dog grooming appointment space opens up.  
Price Guide
This price guide is based on 1-8 weekly appointments with a Kennel Trim.
Long length, Asian Fusion, pattern  or hand scissoring hair styles are priced at $95 per hour.
Dogs that arrive with fleas, have matted coats, have senior or special care needs incur additional fees see below. 

Extra Services

Extra Large Dog Nail Trimming $30

Extra Large Dog Nail Trimming and Filing $35

Extra Large Dog Nail, Face and Feet Trim $45

Pup Facial and Massage $5

Arrives with Fleas $10

Anal Glands (external method only) $10

Over 8 weeks hair growth or casual visit  $10

Nagayu Spa Treatment $10.99

Teeth Brushing $10

Matted Dog Charge From $10

Medicated Shampoo Application (supplied by owner under veterinary advice) $10

Less than 24 Hours Late Cancellation Fee $50

Senior or Special Care Dog Support.  From $10 

Late Pick Up Fee $30 per 30 mins

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