Home Grooming

  1. Charmaine’s favourite salon grade brush is the single purple Les pooch slicker brush from $85  it won’t scratch your dog’s skin which means no tears for you or your dog. It is ergonomic for your wrist & the angle helps the strokes get through the coat to the skin.  Les Pooch brushes get out most tangles, knots & some light matting with ease. It will last a pet owner a lifetime. They last over a year in the salon being used every day. 
  1. Activet make a almost identical  brush – single Pro purple is what I recommended when I couldn’t get Les Pooch in Australia some time ago – from $70
  1. Oscar Frank Universal Slicker Brush Soft (Grande/Pink) I have the “original “ brushes in my Narara salon for $23
  1. “Groom Professional “ & “Show Tech” medium curved slicker brush available at my Narara salon for $20, not as soft as the above brushes but good value & work well. 
  1. Lawrence Tender Care Slicker Brush $25
  1.  Plush Puppy slicker brush – great for in between maintenance of knot free coats.

Pin brushes & human hair brushes are only good for going through tangle free coat, are useless in getting out tangles or worse knots/matting. Wide or large brushes work the same as their smaller versions, they just brush more hair in one stroke saving time in bigger dogs but can be trickier to get around little dogs legs & and not suitable for pet owners to use them around little dogs faces. 

A slicker brush is best used on a freshly cleaned & conditioned coat. I recommend spraying the dog’s dry coat with a conditioner before brushing, Brushing a dirty unconditioned coat breaks good live hair & it pulls on the dog’s skin more making it a uncomfortable experience and the dog can then get negative associations with being groomed. 

AND !!    

Then follow with a comb to check that there are no knots left in the coat. You can use the last single tooth of the comb to splice knots and then re- brush. 

Start brushing from the bottom of the dogs legs and work your way up. 

 Insert brushing zone photo 

Charmaine’s favourite combs 

  1. Rainbow Medium/Coarse Comb 7.5″ with Titanium Plating from $48 For big dogs from $65
  1. Yento Special Scissoring Comb 19 cm or 23cm
  2. Ashley Craig Greyhound comb fine/coarse combination from $66
  3.  These combs work just as effective as the above combs for pet owners and are great value,  must get this size only,  We use them in the salon daily. Etched Back Finishing Comb 7.5″, Fine / Coarse, 1.5″ Teeth from $14.50 (non-static version works just as well from $16.50)

  1. SHERNBAO Professional Pet Comb 18.7cm [Black or red) $22


Charmaine’s favourite rake for double coated dogs is – 


6. Charmaine’s favourite for a cat comb is 


Charmaine’s 2nd favourite for a cat comb is the Utsumi moon comb.  From $115

For show coated poodles you can’t go past no 1 all systems poodle combs from $44


The de-matting poodle comb – From $47

Charmaine’s Favourite Brushing & Conditioning Sprays are 

  1. Melanie Newmans Salon Essentials Relax Coat Conditioning Spray –
  2. Coat Handler Anti-Static Detangling Spray
  3. OMG Plush Puppy

Charmaine’s Favourite Products to help detangle knots when used with a little heat in the process of blow drying the coat are –

  1. Hypknotic -
  2. Cowboy Magic
  3. Artero Matt-x dematting spray
  4. ProMagic

Charmaine’s Favourite Ear Cleaning Products

  1. Lisa Leady’s K-9 Miracle Ear Elixir
  2. Natural Animal Solutions Ear Clear
  3. Elsie’s Ear Powder