Gosford Grooming Policies & Procedures – including New Coronavirus Covid-19 Australian Government Requirements

Thank you for choosing us as your pet/s stylists, below is some information to help your pet enjoy their visit at Gosford Grooming.

We ask that if you are unwell in any way or have recently been overseas or been in contact with someone that has or is suspected to have Covid- 19 or visited outbreak hot spot areas please reschedule your appointment for after your isolation or quarantine period.

As a healthy visitor, we recommend to wear a mask & check in/out on the QR Code displayed. We ask that only 1 person over the age of 18 years bring your dog/s to the salons. Please have your pooches on leads & hand over to our receptionist in the driveway. Please keep a 1.5m social distance from our staff and other clients. 

We are operating as usual until the Australian Government notifies us otherwise or if higher risks develop on the Central Coast. We have upgraded our cleaning procedures, frequently using veterinary hospital grade cleaners & virucide with hand sanitisers available for staff & client use.

For clients that may need to isolate themselves or if there is a lock down in the future we recommend requesting shorter haircuts on your dogs so that the groom lasts longer without your dog getting uncomfortably matted. It will also be easier to maintain their coats at home.

Our walk-in services including nail clips, face & feet trims are not available unless your dog has a minimum express spa service from $25 on applicable breeds.

Please note: COVID-19 is NOT  transmitted from dogs to humans or from humans to dogs.  We believe that a clean, well groomed pet is a healthy pet.


On your first visit, as per the NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice for Animals in pet grooming establishments we will require your full contact details & the name of your pets Veterinary hospital. It is important to be contactable at ALL times whilst your pet is in our care.
We provide a one on one personalised grooming time per pet. For the best service please arrive for your grooming appointment on time or within 10 minutes before or after time due. Average grooming times are 2 hours for a small dog, 3 hours for 2 small dogs. Express grooms are only available as the first or last groom of the day for an additional fee of $10. We have a NO-Rush policy so please allow room around pick up times to allow for variables as we are working with animals. It is not recommended to make appointments too close to school pick up times, airport trips or other appointments you may make. 
We have a NO-RUSH policy. Please do not arrive earlier than the agreed pick up time because if your pet hears you, your keys or your car they can get excited and it can become unsafe to continue the groom with our sharp scissors & clippers. The dog will need to be re-settled and the pick up time will need to be extended further or your dog may need to go home unfinished. We offer lots of information about how we groom if you have any questions we are more than happy to assist.
We know your dogs love visiting us & we’d love them to stay longer but please pick them up within 15 mins of the agreed pick up time. A daycare fee of $25 may apply after 20 mins.
Please don’t brush or comb your dog on the same day as their appointments as this can contribute to your dogs being over handled for the day. Knots & tangles are released better on a freshly clean coat while a dog is being fluff dried.
If you can’t make your appointment or you need to change the day or time please call us direct on 43296200 or Erina salon on 43674066 ASAP.  After hours text or phone 0408629464. A late cancellation fee of $25 per pet applies if we are given less than 24 hours notice and we are unable to replace your booking with another dog.
Flea Insurance – If you think your pet/s may have fleas please give them a Capstar tablet with food the night before or at least 1 hour before your grooming appointment. A Capstar tablet will then last 24 hours & ensure our salon remains flea free. There is a $10 surcharge per pet should they arrive with live fleas.
To respect our staff’s privacy no videoing or photography of our staff is allowed without first asking us. We are happy to sms or email a photo of your finished dog for $5, just ask us when you check in. Feel free to bring high value treats like BBQ chicken, cabanossi, devon to reward your pet during their grooming session.
If you have a young, active, exuberant or anxious dog, please take them for a 20-30 minute walk before their appointment. This takes the edge of their energy levels and puts their mind in a better place to be able to concentrate and stand well for grooming this also gives them the chance to go to the toilet beforehand.
If your pet’s vaccinations are due on the same day as your grooming appointment, please make the veterinarians appointment AFTER your pets grooming.
Please do not make grooming appointments within 48 hours of starting any new medications for your dog or cat. If you administer anti-anxiety medication for your pet for grooming you need to inform us of the name and dosage of the medication before we agree to groom your dog.
If you don’t want your dog put in a safe enclosure you will need to book a express groom at the beginning or the end of the day. Express grooms are an additional $10 for priority service. Express grooms are where the dog is groomed without a break in between bathing and clipping and you are called as soon as the dog is finished. Please be ready to collect your dog ASAP.
We team groom using the talents and skills of our stylists across all the dogs. This way everyone gets to love and pamper your dog. Our qualified Cert III or IV stylists move between both Erina & Narara salons.

Our 2021 Price Guide can be found at –

If your pet is 12 years or older please read our Senior Care Page.
If your pets coat has a lot of knots or is matted please read our After Care page.
Payment must be made in full via Cash, Credit Card or Eftpos before your pet can be released from our care. Credit cards incur a merchant fee at our Narara salon.