Charmaine Bright Owner & Founder of Gosford Grooming 21+ Years

Pet Stylist Olivia has been with Gosford Grooming the longest - since April 2002. Olivia and Chamaine are known as the “scissor sisters”. Olivia started out on reception, then as an Assistant Pet Stylist bathing and fluff drying dogs to now a Qualified Pet Stylist with her Cert III in Pet Grooming. Olivia’s first love is Boxers now followed by poodles. Olivia has Starla the Miniature White Poodle with her trade mark purple coloured ears and tail. Olivia loves team grooming cats with Charmaine. When you call us it’s usually Olivia’s friendly voice on the other end of the phone but as sisters we are often mistaken for one another. With all this experience and knowledge Olivia knows what’s best for each pet and can’t help but have many favourite clients.


Pet Stylist Caitlin has been grooming since she joined the Gosford Grooming team in December 2012. Caitlin has been personally trained by Charmaine into a very talented stylist. Caitlin has a Cert III in Pet Grooming as well as a Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing. Caitlin loves grooming cats as well as dogs. Caitlin has unlimited patience with all animals, her favourite breed is the Shih Tzu, followed closely by Rottweilers. Everyone loves Caitlin, we are fortunate to have her on our team. Caitlin lives with her cats Louis & Edgar, standard bred horse Beau & pony Cheeko.


Pet Stylist Fabiana started Pet Grooming in July 2016 and hasn’t stopped. Fabiana lives with her family’s Bichon Frise Noodle and owns her very own Apricot Standard Poodle Maia. Maia has her own Instagram page - Fabiana has a special calming connection with animals, her patience and love for animals is there every day. Fabiana has been trained by Charmaine and the Gosford Grooming team from a junior pet stylist position to now finishing lovely haircuts. Fabiana’s favourite breed is Standard Poodles. Fabiana enjoys creative grooming and the new Asian fusion styling. Fabiana is currently at university endeavouring to have a career that involves helping animals. Currently completing cert II & III in Animal studies.

Pet Stylist Chantelle has been pampering pets at Gosford Grooming since November 2018. Chantelle previously owned Pimp My Pooch Mobile Dog Grooming on the Central Coast for 3 years. Chantelle has awesome, patient animal handling techniques combined with talented scissoring skills. Her favourite breed to groom is Poodles or Bichoodles. Her favourite breed to own is the Maltese. Chantelle lives with Tobie the Maltese x Bichon & Kippa the Labrador x Greyhound. Chantelle also has Horses -Winchester a Thoroughbred & Leo a Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred. Randal the cat also is lucky to have Chantelle.


Meet Claire, our double coat specialist. With a grooming career starting in 2008, Claire has been a valued member of Gosford Grooming since 2020. Her passion lies in De-Sheds, De-Moults, and Groom Outs. Outside of work, Claire enjoys the company of her adorable toy poodle, Sola, and spends her free time taking dogs to off-leash beaches. Notably, Claire has a special fondness for grooming Samoyeds, making her the go-to specialist for these majestic breeds.


Ashlee embarked on her grooming journey in 2021, joining the dedicated team at Gosford Grooming. Her affinity for all dog breeds is evident as she not only connects with them but also builds meaningful relationships, thoroughly enjoying pampering each one. Witnessing the transformative before-and-after grooming sessions brings Ashlee immense joy. She has a soft spot for grooming Pomeranians and Chihuahuas, considering them among her favorite breeds. At home, Ashlee shares her space with Onyx, a delightful Australian Cattle x Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Kelpie mix, and Lily, a charming Pomeranian x Chihuahua x Australian Silky Terrier mix.



Ava Security 3 years

Tiffany-Rose puppy coach