Medium Dog

i.e Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Schnauzer, West Highland White, Lakeland, Scottish & Welsh Terrier, Bichon Frise, Shetland Sheepdog, Australian Cattle Dog, 

Medium Haircut from $95
Tall Medium Haircut from $100

Clipping & Scissoring to Mixed or Breed specific style. Includes Double Shampoo, Fluff Dry by hand, Clipping & Scissoring, Nail & Ear Care

Groom Out from $90

De-Shedding Double coated breeds including feet trim.
Includes Double Shampoo, Fluff Dry by hand, De-Shed Treatment, Ear Care, Feet & Nail Trim

Shampoo From $50

Double Shampoo, Conditioner, Fluff Dry by hand.
Includes Double Shampoo, Fluff Dry by hand, Ear Nail Care.

Silhouette Trim from $90

Hand scissored furnishings including ear and tail. pad and feet trimming. 
Includes Double Shampoo, Fluff Dry by hand, Ear Nail Care.

Mini Groom from $85

Up to 1 hour Tidy up Hygiene Trim. 
Includes Double Shampoo, Fluff Dry by hand, Ear Care, Face, Feet, Tail & Nail Trim.

While You Wait 15min Express Spa $35 smooth coat, $40 fluffy coat

Double Shampoo, Conditioner, Towel Dry, Ear & Nail care.

Pre-Booking Schedules 1-8 Weekly 

Due to continual high demand we highly recommend 1-8 weekly pre-booked appointments to be made 6 -12 months in advance for our new & existing medium dog grooming clients.

Price Guide
This price guide is based on 1-8 weekly appointments with a Kennel Trim.
Long length, Asian Fusion, pattern or hand scissoring hair styles are priced at $85 per hour.
Dogs that arrive with fleas, have matted coats, have senior or special care needs incur additional fees see below. 

Extended Time $85 per hour

Extra Services

Medium Dog Nail Trimming by appointment $20

Medium Dog Nail Trimming and Filing by appointment $22.50


Medium Nail, Face and Feet Trim $35


Pup Facial and Massage $5

Arrives with Fleas $10

Anal Glands (external method only) $10

Late Pick up Fee $ 30 per 30 mins

Nagayu Spa Treatment $10.99

Teeth Brushing $10

Matted Dog Charge From $10

Medicated Shampoo Application (supplied by owner under veterinary advice) $10

Less than 24 Hours Late Cancellation Fee $50

Bows, Bandanas and a Spritz of Cologne by request  FREE 

Senior or Special Care Dog Support.  From $10 

Over 8 weeks hairgrowth or casual visit $10 

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